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Moreland Community Gardening has a variety of gardens and different ways to get involved so to help get you growing food where and how you want to, we need to know a bit more.

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Moreland Community Gardening operates two gardens.

You can just get updates or get involved, you choose.


Stay informed about what’s happening with our
group and its gardens and occasionally other
things we think you might find interesting

If you want to add your greenwaste to our community
compost hub, we’d like to be able to contact
you if we have any news to share.
Annual Membership fee
(payable each year by 1st July):

$20 (Concession $10) Eligible concession cards

To get involved you first need to become a member of Moreland Community Gardening Inc. and this annual contribution pays for organisational things like insurance and annual reporting.

You need to be a member to participate in any of our gardens, become an organiser, be on our board, help build, care for and improve our gardens and have a say in how our organisation and gardens work.

To join the waiting list for a personal plot, you need to become and remain a member.
As a member you can the choose to join to participate a range of different ways, these differ for each garden and have their own financial contributions that pay for garden equipment and supplies.

About you

Mobile: xxxx xxx xxx
Landline xx xxxx xxxx

Details of eligible concession cards

Eligible concession card holders pay less. We might ask you to show us your card.

You picked the West Brunswick Community Garden

You can find out lots about how this garden works by reviewing the members handbook.

Here’s some info about annual contributions for the West Brunswick Community Garden that might help you decide how you want to be involved.

These contributions are in addition to your annual membership cost ($20 or Concession $10) and this money goes towards the running of the garden, providing materials, tools, plants, fertiliser, tea/coffee and activity days etc

Annual contributions are subsidised and kept low by additional fundraising which all our members are asked to help with.
Communal Gardening Personal Plots
Annual Contribution 1m2 2.7m2 5m2 10m2


$25 or what you can afford




  • You pay Communal Gardening and Membership fees straight away when you join (and the full amount regardless of when you join)
  • You pay Personal Plot fees once you have been allocated a plot (and this will be pro-rated depending on what remains of the membership year
  • When you have a Personal Plot, you can join in communal gardening activities without paying anything extra (it’s included in your Personal Plot fee)
  • Membership, communal gardening and personal plot fees renewals are all due payable by 1st July each year
  • Details of eligible concession cards
Choosing Personal Plot options gets you on our waiting list but you can start communal gardening as soon as you become a member.

Are you interested in:

As well as general news etc, we’ll get in touch occasionally with specific Food Forest related stuff.
We need people to help manage our compost hub and learn/teach composting.
If you want to add your greenwaste to our community compost hub, we’d like to be able to contact you if we have any news to share.

Things we need to know if you'd like a personal plot

When we have a personal plot available, this information (along with your address) is used to decide who it should be offered to.

Sorry but only Moreland residents can have a plot at the West Brunswick Community Garden.
If you leave this empty we’ll assume you have lots of space

How can you help?

Gardens need all kinds of people with all sorts of skills to make them work.
We all have skills or knowledge that can help with something along the way.
We'd love to know more about you in case you have a particular skill you might share that we need.

After you click "Sign Me Up" we’ll email you explaining what happens next.