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Click here for eligible concession cards

Note: If you have a personal plot, you can automatically join our communal gardening activities without paying anything extra.

If you don’t want to become a member but want to add your greenwaste to our community compost hub, we’d like to be able to contact you if we have any news to share.
As well as general news etc, we’ll get in touch occasionally with specific Food Forest related stuff.
Everyone can add their green waste but we need people to help manage our compost palace and learn/teach composting.

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Click here for eligible concession cards

Eligible concession card holders pay reduced membership and other contributions. You may be asked to show us your card.

Things we need to know if you'd like a personal plot

When we have a personal plot available, this information (along with your address) is used to decide who it should be offered to.

If you leave this empty we’ll assume you have lots of space

How can you help?

Gardens need all kinds of people with all sorts of skills to make them work.
We all have skills or knowledge that can help with something along the way.
We'd love to know more about you in case you have a particular skill you might share that we need.

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